The 1960's

1960's Facts

the 1960 hair styles were back-combing or teasing required for big "Fluffy" hairstyles such as the bouffant and beehive, was done by holding sections of the hair and running the comb from the tip of the hair back toward the scalp in short, quick motions causing the hair to brush out and mat.

The clothes in the 1960's were all bright and tie-die. Men wore fancy clothing.  they wore collar shirts and sweaters.

The bands back then were popular. Elvis, the Beatles, and the beach boys were pretty popular back then. West side story was released in 1961. Psycho was the #1 1960's movie released.

The most popular accessories were the round sunglasses and the flapper flower headpiece. Back then the hippies had long hair and wore peace sign and tie-die stuff. The

number one song in 1960s was starry Eyed. The Jackson 5 started 1965. That made Michael Jackson famous.

There were many presidents of the 60s.

From 1953-1961 the president was Dwight D. Eisenhower.

1961-1963 was John F. Kennedy.

1963-69 was Lyndon Baines  Johnson.

Richard Millhouse Nixon was president from 1969-1974.

There was a six day war from 1967-1967.

The Vietnam war from 1960-1975.

An invention is the computer mouse. This helps you navigate on the computer.

The first hand held calculator. The calculator allows you to solve math problems without having to solve them in your head.

The ATM. Automatic Teller Machine or ATM allows a bank customer to conduct their banking transactions from almost every other ATM machine in the world.

Halogen Lamps. They replaced gas powered lamps therefore, saving the customer money and lamps lasted longer.

The 1960s food was when people fondue or they ate oysters. The people back then ate at nice old restaurants and they always made back then food like crispy. In the 1960s they used to make big dinners with turkeys they shoot on their own. They always ate chips and fish on Fridays. They always did big feast with Christmas.

For entertainment in the 1960s people had television, butt most of the time they played outside or did a sport. Baseball was popular in the back days. Back then people would read books, or go watch concerts that had come out. People liked to paint, and liked to  build things. The radio came out in the 1960s and families used to listen to that all the time if they didn't have a TV.

Theatre was also popular back then too. They always had plays going on in the theatre.

The Beatles
Loony Tunes for entertainment
Rice Krispies!!
The computer mouse
President JKF
The 1960's fashion

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