This is khao tom

Events that take place at school

3:30 p.m She walks over to her sisters school to take dance class

4:30 Her dad picks her up and then she takes another shower

6:15 She works on homework and eats dinner

My school day

7:10 I take a shower and wake up

7:30 eating breakfast

7:50 going to school

My day after noon

1:00 I am in science

2:45 School ends

3:30 i get home off the bus

In conclusin My day compared to her day is different in many ways. She wakes up earlier than

I do and i eat differen things for breakfast. Her school day is longer than mine. She does different activites than me after school. For example they take dance class and I play xbox or go hunting or ride quads.

A day in the life of a Student from T

The student is 12 and lives in thailand Bangkog

Her name is Laddawe Maroomde

She lives with her parents cousin and grandmother

5:50 a.m

Her Dad wakes her up and her and her sister take a shower

6:20 a.m

They eat breakfast which is porridge which is made rice and milk

6:45 a.m

They in there living room to worhip and pray, Then they hop into there Dad's pickup truck and go to school

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