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Using advanced technology, the Fifty-One E Cigarette allows one the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere - without the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monoxide found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Vapor Corp offers several differnet types of vapor cigarettes or best e cig.

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Vapor Corp. (Ticker: VPCO), based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is a leading supplier of electronic cigarettes with a diverse product portfolio that includes the most recognized brands by both retailers and consumers in the industry. Vapor Corp. is also the the only fully reporting, publicly traded electronic cigarette company in the United States. Committed to consumer-driven product innovation, Vapor's leading brands include Krave®, Fifty-One®, Green Puffer®, Americig®, Vapor-X® and its popular as seen on TV brands, EZ Smoker® and Alternacig®, all of which are registered trademarks of Vapor Corp.  In fact, Vapor Corp. is the first electronic cigarette company to successfully employ a multiple brand business model -  its products are available online, on television, and at retail locations across all levels/channels of retail throughout the United States. Vapor Corp. is also the market leader for private label electronic cigarette programs for regional and national retail chains and distributors. Focused on brand recognition and distinctiveness among its competition in the evolving landscape of its market, Vapor Corp. recently launched its patent pending Flex Tipsoft electronic cigarette cartridge, offering its product users the experience of the unique tactile feel of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Vapor Corp. is also well-known for its experienced management team, as well as its commitment to responsible business practices, including only marketing its products to adult smokers, not making any direct or implied product health claims, as well as meeting all applicable regulatory/legal requirements.


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