The Prophet of Yonwood

The third BOOK OF EMBER by Jeanne DuPrau

Book review by Felix Krings

Genre: Fantasy

Plot Development: Man v. Man

Main Characters: Nickie, Grover, and Hoyt

Villains: Terrorists

Other Characters: Crystal, Len, Althea Tower, Ms. Beeson, Otis, Amanda, and Martin

Words to describe Nickie:  Interesting, creative, understanding and adventurous

Setting:  Yonwood, NC; present day; forest of Yonwood

Setting Description: Yonwood - strict & small town; Forest of Yonwood - wild & mysterious


     One day a woman named Althea Tower was out filling up her bird feeders when suddenly a fiery vision blocked out reality and brought her into a trance.    Althea began to mutter things about the vision.  Her best friend, Ms. Beeson, noticed something was wrong and called the police.  Ms. Beeson and the police officers worked together to figure out what Althea was saying.  Ms. Beeson thought she had seen a vision from God about the future of the world and the future was war.  From that point on, Althea Tower was known as the Prophet.  The Prophet is important to the story because Ms. Beeson thinks that there is some meaning behind what she mumbles and because Ms. Beeson has a lot of power in the city, she is able to influence the actions of the police, based on what she thinks the mumbles mean.  

     Nickie, the main character of the story, is visiting Yonwood to clean out and sell her grandfather's house with her aunt Crystal.  Nickie gets dragged into all this one day when Ms. Beeson comes and introduces herself.  At first Nickie believed what Ms. Beeson said about the mumbles and their meaning.  She went around town observing people and reported them to Ms. Beeson when they did strange things.  Ms. Beeson would then put a notice in their mailbox saying that they should stop doing what they were doing because it was wrong or else be punished with a special kind of bracelet.  When they did not stop, the police came and put on the bracelets.  The punishment bracelets would hum and drive people crazy.  It is not something you would want on your wrist.  

     Later on in the story, Nickie became close friends with another character, Grover, and changed her mind.  She decided that Ms. Beeson was all wrong.  She started to think that many of the things that Ms. Beeson was saying made no sense, like taking dogs away from their owners and having to turn of all lights 24/7.  Also, she realized that many of the suspicions were not based on any reality.  For example, it wasn't a terrorist in the forest, but an albino bear.  

     Nickie decides to head over to the prophet's house to straighten things out herself.  She is able to wake Althea, the Prophet, from her trance.  Althea is surprised to see a girl standing in her room and wonders how long she has been out of it.  Nickie asks Althea about her mumbles and Althea explains that she had just been describing what she was seeing in her vision, but that had nothing to do with the future or any bad things happening.  In the end, all the people get their bracelets off and Nickie goes to live in California.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to any one who likes suspense, action, and a lot of strange animals.  

Noticed: That the author was descriptive

Illustrations: none

Connections: I could relate to the character, Grover.  Grover likes to collect snakes, climb trees, and play in the woods. I  also like to play in the woods, climb trees, and observe animals, including snakes, in the wild.  But, I don't collect or capture wild animals.    

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