32 support team came to participate in World Cup

fifa coins trader After the World Cup ended, bellos held exhibitions to sell this painting, as well, now it's value has reached 30,000 reais (about 84,000 dollars), perhaps the city don't know bellos hidden irony in the paintings. This painting of his called a cashew tree is bigger than court paintings of the World Cup and natal two elements combined a site very closely. From Shang to Xia, respectively is in Natal launches of rocket left of white, and dune Stadium of ceiling, and most famous of cashew tree, and three a with world map of football, most under is a feathers, each a a are has symbol meaning three a with world map of colorful of football, is 32 support team came to participate in World Cup of logo, is the paintings most directly reflected World Cup of elements.

In 2013, the English novel, 1978, http://www.fifafactory.com/ made this World Cup conspiracy, suspense, political, also appears in the novel Kissinger's big shot, although it is a work of nonfiction, but can reflect people's views on this matter first was Peru goalkeeper Quiroga, his parents were Argentina who was born in Argentina in Rosario. Shortly after the game, Peru media reports said Quiroga admitted that he accepted the request bribes from intentionally losing the ball and then his tone changed, overthrew his words. A few days later, Peru's goalkeeper Idina Menzel drunken admitted match-fixing, but later changed.

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