This song is about surviving such as in Hiroshima

Hiroshima Survival Story


By: Gerrit Meine

This video shows the damage that the Atomic Bomb left and tells a little information about the German Priests.

Helping Survivors

If I was able to help the survivors of Hiroshima, I would be bringing food and water to the people that needed it most and I would direct people to the nearest hospital. I would tend to the children first because I would feel pity for them.


The day is bright and sunny

The morning feeling normal

One plane within sight

To Hiroshima it brings fright

The day turns dark

All through the city

People scatter every where

Looking for somewhere to stay

The fires start and cause destruction

Houses burn and crumble

People flee the city fast

To reach safety at last

After the bomb houses are rebuilt

People adopt to the new city

They remember the tragedy

If it was just yesterday


Name: Win

Artists: Brian Mcknight

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2 years ago

Your video is good and your song definitely works

2 years ago

Your poem goes with the theme, the song is...😂

2 years ago

I like the song, it goes well with the theme. Great job!

2 years ago

Like your video