RCA'S David Sarnoff's company exhibit as a showcase for the 1st presidential speech on television.

9-48 stations were in existence from 1945-1948.

8-23 cities had commercial television service during that time frame.

There were 440 commercial VHF stations and 75 UHF commercial stations.

85% of the U.S households had a TV set.

Coaxial cable is wire surrounded by insulation and an aluminum covering, used to transmit television, telephone and data signals.

In 1936 - 1941, in Philadelphia, New York, and Connect Stevens Point, WI, AT&T experimented the first ''experimental'' coaxial cable lines to transmit television.

Sarnoff' and Alan Dumont are representatives of the entrepreneur.

Author Miller and Paddy Chayeusky introduced Americans to high drama in programs like craft television theater, studio one, and the actors studio, beginning in 1947.

John Cameron Swayze introduced America to weekday news programming via the Camel newsreel theater in 1948.

In 1946, the color TV was first demonstrated to the FCC by Peter Goldmark. Bu having color on the TV  he had a red, blue, and green wheel spin in front of a cathode ray tube.

In New York and Philadelphia, Western Union experimented the first experimental microwave relay system the purpose was for it to transmit communication signals via radio along a series of towers.

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