Social Media Prince Rally for Piece
Eric Lynn

I chose this topic because I was interested in what was going on with the Baltimore riots. I also got intrigued when I saw that Prince had a say in what was going on. The first article I read was on CNN news. It said that Prince has announced a "Mothers Day Rally 4 Piece Concert in Baltimore."  All people that are attending are requested to wear gray in respect to those that were hurt during the riots. Prince recorded a song that was about the killing of young African American men that he will perform there. I also read the NY Times newspaper about this story. This said the same things that CNN said, but the article also stated that Prince will be streaming a Jay Z song that is also about the Baltimore riots. The last article I read was on MSNBC. It stated everything in the other 2 articles, but it also said that Prince said, "RIP to those lost." At his Dance Rally 4 Piece last weekend. He then led the fans in group chant, "Baltimore peace for ever more."  

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