Temperate Forest
Mason Robertson , Ali Pounds , Kip Cushen , Taylor Sherer.

The Temperate Forest is great are plants are fabulous are animals are awesome and can be seen about any time the weather is usually nice.

The Temperate Forest Plants

The Temperate Forest is great but not as great as the plants one of the plants is the Smooth Arrowood. It brings food for the animals.

Animals in the Temperate Forest are interesting. Read here to see what they do!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many animals in the Temperate Forest!!!!!!!! One of the animals is the White-tailed deer. The deer normally has 1-2 fawns between the months of October- December. They feed mainly on green plants,nuts,acorns. The deer is mainly nocturnal but can be seen in the daytime. It mainly lives in shrubs, trees, tall grass, and vines. These are some facts about the white -tailed deer. I hope you see one on your trip!!!!!!!!!!

The Temperate Forest Climate

Weather in the temperate forest is good for a lot of things like camping fishing ect the climate is 85-60 in the summer and in the winter is 60-10.

We have many actives & places read here to see what they are

The actives we have here are tree climbing,camping,zipline,rope courses,animal watch,fishing,hiking,mountain biking,& gathering. Some fun places to visit are the mountains,Robert Louistevenson tree,& Chanlers tree. There are a lot of fun actives to do at those places. You would have a lot of fun if you came here.

Map of the Forest
A baby fawn

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