MY Best Friend!  

A friend is a rare book where only one copy is made!

That would be my cazy best friend Lesley Nicole Cale! I wouldn't trade her for anything. We've been friends since preschool. I wouldn't dream of having another best freind.Shes always there for me. Shes never lets me down. We get in so much trouble sometimes, but we always have eachothers back. I always go to her when I need advice. She gives the best advice when I really need it. We tell eachother everything. Theres never a promise that is broken in our friendship. We fight about the dumbest things but we always give in and forgive eachother. Some people wonder how were still friends I guess its because were so much alike. Our moms both say that one of us won't be bailing the other out because will both be in there together because we do everything together.

Never underestimate us!

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