A day in the life of a Thailand student

The student I chose was Laddawadee Maramoodee(Noon) She is 12 years old. And lives with her parents, sister, cousin and grandmother in Bangkok. She likes to read and watch TV.

At  5:50 A.M her father wakes her sister and her up and she gets a shower & puts on her school uniform.

At 6:20 her dad cooks breakfast, Sometimes they have Khan Tom which is porridge made of rice, and milk.  

At 8:00 A.M. her first class is math or Thai Language, she likes math because she is good at it.

A day In the life of A Aurora, Indiana student. This students name is Haylee McDaniel. She lives with her grandparents, cousins, and brother & sisters. She like to text and listen to music.

At 6:00 A.M. Her grandma wakes her up to get ready for school.

At 6:50 A.M.  she goes outside to get on the bus.

At 8:15 her school starts and she has 1st period which is Social studies.

The student from Thailand is different because she gets up earlier, and she goes to classes earlier. The student from Aurora is different because she gets up later then the other. They both go to school. The student from Thailand is younger than the one in Aurora. They both enjoy math. They both take a shower in the morning. The student in thailand has a school uniform, but the one in aurora doesn't.

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