Unit 2

I attended an event at The Shed, Manchester Metropolitan University, held by an user experience (UX) team from the BBC, on Thursday 23 March, 2017.  They demonstrated methods for idea generation using the 'crazy eight' and 'beetle' method, which I will apply to my own practice in 'Unit 2'.

Additional target market analysis was made through studying photographs of objects and places associated taken by an individual to provide clues as to what sort of person they are.  In small groups of 6 to 8 people we studied these.  

Collectively we made best guesses to questions concerning the profile of the people who had supplied the photographs, which prove surprisingly accurate, in the region of ninety percent correct.

This will inform my time trail.  I plan to experiment with ideas such as presenting users with images of households and see if they can link them to people from the past.