Secret for Stain Free Window Cleaning

Are you curious to find out the secret to streak free window cleaning? Clean windows can make a huge difference to how you feel in your home and office .After all everyone wants to enjoy the light and the view as much as possible.

Window cleaning is often relegated to the too hard to access and clean, you know what I am talking about. But actually window cleaning is not too difficult particularly when you hit the problem armed with the right equipment and some good guidance on technique and cleaning products. Now just read on this blog to find out the some tips for Streak Free Window Cleaning.

Tools Needed for Window Cleaning

Good quality squeegee is your best friend tool to use wisely when it comes to window cleaning and looking after it so that it does a great job every time. It can be easily found at hardware shops but make sure that you buy either a 10 or 12 inch squeegee. A decent sized strong bucket, scrubber, some rage and hand dishwashing liquid is required.

Getting Started

Firstly, fill up the bucket with water and add a teaspoon of the dishwashing liquid per every couple of gallons, take care not to make it too strong.

Now follow these easy steps to wash the windows:

• Take the scrubber and dip it into the bucket with the water and dish-washing liquid. Remove excess water from the scrubber.

• You can apply either vertical or horizontal strokes with the squeegee on the glass. The secret is to angle the squeegee so that if there is any excess water, it will be pushed towards the area that is still to be cleaned.

• For small size windows use a sponge and a smaller size squeegee and use the similar process of washing as above.

• After each use of the squeegee, wipe up the edge with one of the rags that you have handy. These rags can also be used to clean up any water that spills against the wooden window sills.

• Any labels, paint specks, or mulish bits of dirt can be removed using a razor blade on a holder. If you are using a new blade, you shouldn’t scratch the glass and always wet the window first before pushing the blade across the area. Wipe the blade after each pass so that material doesn’t get trapped on the blade and scratch the glass. You should never use a razor blade on tempered glass.

It will become much easier, if you wash your windows regularly, this way they are easy to clean and take much less effort to become sparkling and streak free.