The Land of Mesopotamia

Battles everyday, blood shed of innocent people. That's nothing like Mesopotamia. A place full of peace and orderly people. I mean who wouldn't want to live there? It's the perfect place to live and laws for everyone but are very fair. Why should you live here?


By the fresh water of the Tigris and Euphrates river with walls to protect you and your family. In the fertile crescent around what is now Asia. Mountains all around many Zaggros and some others Taurus.

Top 3 Reasons


Agriculture is a very good thing about Mesopotamia because one if you're an animal lover you won't have to kill animals anymore which you would be domesticating and you are becoming healthy by getting all your nutrients by getting your protein, fruits, and vegetables. Which you wouldn't have without irrigation systems.


If you didn't have social structure then we wouldn't have King Hammurabi you maybe wouldn't have laws, if you didn't have King Sargon you probably wouldn't have teamwork,armies, empires, and civilization. Lastly King Nebuchadnezzar then we wouldn't have time, like the 60 minute hour and the sundial that we now call artifacts.


All the discovers you can make or find if there wasn't discoveries there wouldn't be anything in this world. No words, no pictures, technology, food and those are only some.

If You're Still Not Convinced

If still not convinced from me take it from someone who lives in Mesopotamia.

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