by Griffin Goodwyn

The Problem We Are Facing

          The Spanish and French have left Europe, and are now explored a foreign area called "America." They have landed in this place, and are claiming the resources that we should have. Every day we waste, they could have lots of gold, land, and other precious resources. But, we don't have anyone who is willing to travel across the ocean to get there. If only there was?

These are some of the resources that I could find for you!

Resources I Could Find For You

           There are a few resources which I believe I can find for you. Some of them include large, heaping amounts of gold, silver, and other precious metals. I could also get you lots of land, to help expand and colonize new territory to make our empire larger.

The Route I Will Take

          On previous routes to North America, other explorers have gone the shorter way, which is more deadly. I was thinking that you should go down south near the Equator, then take a dip up to the West Indies, to stop for new food and resources along the way. From there, I will go north and hopefully land in America.

         The return voyage back to England will be very similar to the way we came. Except going south, I will travel north and then go southeast back to England.

The Obstacles I Will Encounter

            I know that everything is not going as planned. So, I am able to recognize certain things that could happen.

            Disease will likely happen en route to the New World. It could wipe out most of my crew, and make my food al moldy and disgusting. The next obstacle I will face is the Native peoples when I land there. They will want to fight us, and I don't think they will be nice to us, either.

The Reaction When I Come Home

            After my expedition is done, and when everyone is rich, I will expect to see a lot of this,

and this:

This is why you should trust me: I will give you the resources to survive. I will do it well, and make everyone rich. The English Empire is the best!

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