Marian Anderson
Ava Blanco

          I am going to write a biography report on Marian Anderson a famous African American singer. One of my reasons for choosing her is that I love to sing, and she really inspired me to sing. I also chose her for the way she hit every note when she was singing. Another reason I chose her is that she went through a lot to achieve her dream.

          Marian Anderson was born February 27, 1897. She grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was the oldest of three girls. Marian’s dad got her a piano when she was eight years old.

          Members of Marian’s church raised money so Marian could attend music school for one year. Marian studied with a famous voice teacher named Giuseppe Boghetti. But Giuseppe Boghetti didn’t want Marian as a student until he heard her sing. She trained in several countries like Holland, Belgium, England, and France.

          Marian Anderson was the first African American singer to perform Opera in 1955. She had performed in countries from Norway to Denmark. Marian was a Goodwill Ambassador for the State Department. She sang the national anthem at a Lincoln Memorial performance. Marian Anderson died at age 96, In Portland, Oregon.


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