Realism Vs Idealism

One Minute Summary



Basic Idea - Realism

-Preemptive strikes to protect nation or self

-Self preservation is primary interest

-Making the "right" decision is bad for the nations protection and national security


On August 6, 1945 and August 9,1945 the United States Of America dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima ans Nagasaki to prevent having to send land forces to the island.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are enemies.  The first strike came from Katy Perry when some of Swifts dancers left her in the middle of a tour to go work for Perry.  Perry got the first strike in to prevent Swift from getting her first.


In the movie The Hunger Games, the Capital bombs District 12 in order to prevent them from uprising and attempting to overthrow the Capital.


Basic Idea:


-Fight only after trying to work together


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