The good and the bad of Thinglink

Thinglink is a usefull social web, we can use it to search and make projects there socialise and look for more pic. that you dont usaulay see in othere webs. there are many uselfull tools as well that wil help you prevent for you to get in trubel for legerys and this helps you because whene you want to upload a pic. whit informetion that donot beling to you you just copy and past the URL. The bad thing about Thinglink is that somtime you work would not upload corrctly and the pic. my no come out besides that its wasome and ffunn to use.

How can we use Thinglink

There are many weys to use to use thinglink like sociolis seacrch and like pic. upload pic. and do school projects whitout plejerizing.

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