Nathan Johnson S And E marking final
TV show promion

They can promote the show by using billboards and commercials. Also they can then print ads to promote the show by putting them on billboards. Then they can use social media to promote the show. By use networks like a Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, and Twitter. They can also use Instergram and other kinds of networks. And then they can use things like YouTube or videos on Facebook or they can also use there network page to show little clips on the next epsiode. Then they can also promote the show by putting an app on phones, i pods and i pads allowing the show to be seen by other people show they can go out and promote the show too. And the people who watch the show on TV or whatever they can tweet about it or post an comment on Facebook so other people can know too. And I have not seen the show before but ive seen the commercials and the promes for the show an it looks like an pretty good show to watch. Also I have also seen the comments the show gets and most of them are good comments about the show.

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