Elementary mlearning Options

I have included a variety of fun and entertaining apps that can be integrated into the classroom to enhance student learning.

1. EDU Math     2. MultiMath     3. Seeds to Plant     4. Journal Jar      5. Fotobabble App

1. EDU Math App

EDU Math is an education games that help students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

EDU math can be used in the classroom, or at home.  Teacher's can have their students play the game on the SMART board as a group, as well it can be a recommended homework/study tool.

2. MultiMath - Learning Multiplication Program

This app allows for a entertaining way to learn the multiplication table.  Children answer the questions as fast as they can by selecting the proper answer on the scree.

MultiMath could be used in the classroom and at home.  There are many ways teachers could use this app.  When students are learning the multiplication tables the teacher could put this app smart board and have children play as a class, or have students use this app at home as a homework/study tool.  In addition if there are students that work separately with an aid this would be a wonderful tool to use to as a fun, and educational way to understand multiplication.

3.  Seeds to Plants

In Seeds to Plants, Smudge plants sunflower seeds in her garden, and children need to choose the weather each day to help the seeds grow into healthy flowers.

This app could easily be integrated into the classroom.  During the science unit about plants teachers could introduce this app to the children. Each day at the beginning of the class the group could collectively decide what the weather should be like, and over the course of the unit they can watch the flowers grow.  Teachers can discuss with students what ideal growing conditions are like, and students then can see how the weather helps plants grow.  Students can choose all kinds of weather conditions and watch how it affects the plants.  This app is a wonderful way of introducing concepts of growth to students.

4. Journal Jar

Shake the jar to receive a collection of different journal topics.

Teachers can use this app in the classroom during a language arts journalling class.  Whether students are doing a daily journal or need a topic for a story this is a great app to use.  The teacher could have each students click on the jar to receive a topic.  It is simple and fast, and has a variety of interesting topics.

Journal Jar

5. Fotobabble App

This app is a creative way to have fun with your photos.  After taking a picture you create a story, and the photo becomes a talking picture.

This app could be used in the classroom in a variety of ways.  Teachers could have students take pictures for journals or a variety of different projects and the students would then create a story to go with it.  Or, during a novel study the teacher could have the students take a picture of something from the story or chapter and then write about why they think that picture is important to the story.  It is a great idea for book reports, and could even be integrated for social or science projects.  This app can be used for many different reasons, and allows for student creativity.

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