Military Hardware


The purpose of the aircraft was to spot and tell where the people are. Also they could shoot and bomb enemies.

These aircraft's had great effectiveness because not many people could shoot a fast flying aircraft out of the sky. And they could deploy people behind enemy lines.

The aircraft's were used in stealth and secret missions. And they could be used as a distraction to get others across enemy lines.


The purpose of the tanks were to shoot long range distances and not get hit themselves. Also they were very powerful so they could take down all most anything.

These tanks were greatly effectiveness because they could take bullet hit and not get damaged. And if there were people charging at them they could shoot 10 at a time.

Tanks were used in charging and obvious missions. And they could be  used as a distraction so they could get around the enemy.


The purpose of the gun was to pick off enemies one by one. Also some guns could shoot long distances.

These guns where greatly effective because they could kill one enemy at a time or many at a time. And if you came up on a enemy building you could blow it up with a gun.

The guns were used in almost every kind of mission even aircraft's. They could be put in any type of big machinery like tanks.