iPhone Separation Anxiety is Real


Researchers have found that when people are without their phones for certain periods of time they can get a bit restless. They conducted a puzzle experiment with people who had their iPhones and people without their iPhones. They concluded that being separated from one's phone is both psychological and physiological, and that it can negatively impact performance on mental tasks. The head author of the study says that "iPhones are capable of becoming an extension of ourselves such that when separated, we experience a lessening of "self" and a negative physiological state." The solution they say is to always have your phone on you or near you when completing tasks that acquire attention.

After reading this article I couldn't believe that this had become a condition that was actually diagnosed to people. The fact that so many humans have this issue says a lot about modern society and what has grown to be the norm. Smart phones and technology are mere conveniences, not sustaining factors of life. I was definitely intrigued by first the title of the article and then the overall conclusion that the researchers came to.  

People lean so heavily on technology even when it's not so dependable. It is so interlaced into our society that most children now-a-days don't know how to entertain themselves unless it pertains to gadgets and gizmos. I'm extremely glad that my childhood was filled with cuts and bruises and playing make believe outdoors. Upcoming generations will be missing out on some of life's most valued memories all because of smart phones and tablets. I, personally, do not believe that phones and other technologies should be so depended upon and that such things as iPhone separation anxiety are unreal.

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3 years ago

I wake up at 2 AM for my iPad, 10/10 would relate again