Learning to Teach
Day 15 (presentations for research projects)

The day today made me think about how I might do presentations in the future. Most students had their presentation done, and these did take longer than the Haiku Deck would.   However, after a few presentations in, I saw how the students were becoming board.

Now presenting is something that we need to teach in our classrooms, and is part of our common core standards. Although that tends to be looked upon more in the english department. It still is a valued skill overall. Many students still did a better job presenting the information. However, I could tell that these long presentations were getting to the students. Although all the students did remain quiet through out all the presentations which I was a bit surprised at.

One of the reasons why I did have the students present their information, is that since they were just writing all this research and information, they would be better versed in order to present. The other reason was that I thought it would make the students think about what they were writing more because they had to think about what points they were going to present.

We did not get to all of the presentations in each class. There were still some students who did not have their presentation ready, but not as much as the last time the students had to present.

Something that I had discussed with my host teacher, next time I had a presentation. I would make sure that I had those students go first, and perhaps tell the students who will be going first the day or two before so that they would have their presentation in and on time.

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