Why you should visit this Country. By Jeremy B.

Eygptians love jokes, riddles, and wordplay if you plan on carrying on a conversation with one.

If you plan on fitting in with the rest of the population then you are going to want to get some clothing to go along with the trip. You might want a gallabeyya and an emma. A gallabeyya is a long robe type thing that is for men. The women usually wear an emma which is pretty much the same thing as a gallabeyya but it has a face mask that covers everything except the eyes.

If you like meat and rice you will fit in well in this country. They eat a lot of different meats. They like to eat lamb a lot of the time. Lamb is a very traditional meat in Egypt and it is very flavorful and it burst with flavor and good taste.

If you have worries about doing something wrong when being introduced to a new person from Egypt worry not my friend. In Egypt its mainly the same gestures from the United States. So if you meet a new person you do shake their hand and say "Nice to meet you".

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