"The Ruins"

Have you ever thought to yourself, if I can go any where in the world where would I go? Think about it for a second... OK, now what did you choose? I would choose the Mayan ruins in mexico because I am Mexican and the ruins are a symbol of my culture and heritage. Another reason why i would wanna go to the Mayan Ruins in mexico is to learn more about the Mayan civilization and just to see the architectural designs they invented and used in their lifetime.

I chose this picture because it shows the Mayan ruins in Mexico. These Ruins are in Mexico and are open for tourist.

This Picture shows a Mayan temple. The Mayans would have ceremonies and sacrifices in temples like this as an offering to the gods.

This picture shows Mayan Ruins in by a beach in Mexico. This picture shows that the Mayan civilization didn't just stay in one spot they expanded.

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