Jack Draghi

The Island
Gary Paulsen

The Island by Gary Paulsen is an intriguing novel. A 15 year old boy named Will Neuton I loves the outdoors and adventure.  On one of his adventures he finds an island. At this island, he loves to view nature and enjoy life. He camps overnight seeking to learn everything about the island and enjoy nature and at the same time try to remove himself from society. Everything is going great until the outside tries to drift him away. Town people, bullies, and his parents try to come to the island and see what he does and Will tries to avoid them at all costs. One of Will's biggest challenges is facing the town bullying which is out to get him. At the same time his parents are confused on his actions.  Will is faced with decisions in life, to either continue with society or take himself off the grid.

This book was an enjoyable novel to read. I liked this book because it involves a kid who loves to go on adventures and explore the great outdoors. Reminding me the way that I was as a kid. Throughout the novel he is trying to have a good time but life's problems get in his way. This allows the readers to stay intrigued with his critical decision making. I also enjoyed this book because Gary Paulsen is a very detailed author, allowing readers to easily paint a picture in their head. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys nature adventure books and loves the outdoor.

"Again he got up early, just after four. The robins were going crazy, and the sun poured, almost as golden liquid, into the room and across his bed. He rolled out and put his feet on the floor and nearly started to sing himself. He stood and pulled on shorts and tennis shoes and a T-shirt and headed for the kitchen. It took him a moment to find a can of beans and another soup, then another minute to leave a note. This time he told them where he was going. Mom, Dad - I've gone to the island for the day. See you this evening".

Other books that Paulsen wrote, were the River, The hatchet, and Brian's Hunt. I have read all these books and found them to be very good.

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