Assignment #3 Book Connections

How does Greg create hope for his community? Well Greg gathers plants and berries and also hunts deer. Greg uses every part of the deer, he also gives deer meat to the elders too. Greg is also passionate about keeping the traditional ways alive, plus keeps his culture alive by sharing his knowledge to the next generation and passing the knowledge on. He is so passionate, that he teaches his son and daughter about his ways of hunting and gathering. Elders also often ask him to provide deer meat or wild rice for funerals or feasts for a good meal.


• Junior and Greg are passionate about something like Junior about school, and Greg about his culture.

• Junior and Greg try to provide there people with something.

• Junior and Greg share there knowledge.

• Coach and Greg teachs other people about something, like coach with basketball, and Greg with Culture and Language.

• Coach and Greg help people.

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3 years ago

Change there to their. How does Greg teach about language and culture. You didn't say anything about his hunting. Be more specific. You need to use more sea"

3 years ago

More details from the book and the bio or video.