A fun, engaging online quiz game system

Why Kahoot?

Their promo video

Play a sample Kahoot

Go to kahoot.it and enter the game pin I'll display.

First, we need to get you signed up.

Now you're ready.

You can create your own quiz, discussion, or survey.  

In quizzes, you indicate a right or wrong answer.  A discussion is like a one-question survey with no set right or wrong answer, similar to a poll.  Surveys can be multiple questions, but you don't indicate a right or wrong answer.

Let's create.

Type your questions, set the time limit and point values, designate a correct answer, etc.  You can add photos and even videos, but these are not required.

Or you can browse the publicly shared Kahoots.  Add public Kahoots to your Kahoot by "favoriting" them, and then you can edit them however you'd like or use as-is.

Are we ready to play?

Play.  You can set questions to advance on their own or on your click.

Students go to www.kahoot.it on any device with internet.

Then they enter with a pin and a nick-name--that's it!


See who got which questions right, which questions stumped the most students, etc.  Use this data for formative assessment purposes to help you gauge who's getting it and who's not, how to group students, what to reteach, etc.  Kahoots can even be used as a "pretest" to get an idea how much your students already know before you start a new unit.

Applications and Extensions

Check for understanding, make worksheets more exciting, review chapter questions, study vocabulary, take surveys and polls, bell ringers, etc.

Try Ghost Mode where students try to beat their previous scores, Jumble, Blind Kahoots to teach new ideas, or Team Kahoots--have students work in small groups as one participant to discuss before they "dink" in.  Students could even sign up for their own accounts to make their own quizzes, or you could have them create questions you add to a quiz.

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