Promotional Giveaways – Factors That Determine What Product To Choose

Advertising strategies have evolved manifolds over the recent years. Professionals now want to do a lot more than just creating a buzz in the market about your product or service. They want to create a relationship with your clients, making your name and brand a part of their daily lives. They want to nourish and sustain this relationship so that your customers feel that they are cared for. And they want to establish a promise of quality in the product or service that you are offering in the market. Advertising is not just about reaching out to people anymore. It is about reaching out and staying there.

This is the reason why more are more marketing professionals now look for more effective and engaging ways to raise awareness about a particular brand or product. They have to go that extra mile, ahead of what is achievable than simple TV advertisements and endorsements. This is where promotional giveaways come into the picture. If you too have been advised to go down this road by your advertising agency, I would suggest you start by picking out exactly what gift will you be willing to present to your customers. Here are a few aspects that will help you make the right choice.


This is of course, the most important deciding factor when you think about selecting an appropriate product for a promotional giveaway. Always understand that this marketing option is one of the most inexpensive means to reach out to potential customers. When compared with TV advertisements, the cost will be but a fraction of your marketing budget and the impact will be much stronger than other advertising media. Think closely about how much you are willing to spend on this activity and pick out a product that will have relevance in your customer’s life in accordance with your overall budget.


This is the next most important factor to look at when you are planning a promotional giveaway. Think about what effect you are willing to create with the audience. These promotional products have a way of becoming a part of the everyday life of the users. Do you want to spread brad awareness through them? Do you simply want to relay your contact information? Are you of the mind that the gift should talk about the quality you promise to deliver with your products/services? Does it have to be a sample of what you have to sell? Or maybe you are just willing to say thank you to customers for trusting you this far? Your marketing message will decide which product will be best for giving as a gift to your customers.

Once you have answers to these three most important questions, the rest of the issues fall into place automatically. There are many companies out there that are willing to help entrepreneurs in designing and manufacturing promotional giveaways. Just keep these aspects in mind and you will create the best marketing campaign for your business. Visit to know more.

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Martha Castle is an expert marketer and new age advertising guru. She recommends using personalised promotional items and giveaways as an extremely effective strategy to reach out to customers and make an impact on their minds. Her articles are a great source of ideas for people looking to devise a marketing strategy for their business. Visit to know more about personalized pens.

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