Asian Stereotypes

Hey everybody! I just wanted to clear some things up about things Asian's hear about them that aren't true. So I hope you guys enjoy and please follow me and favorite this tackk!

Stereotype Number 1

All Asians have squinty eyes.

Okay, that's just plain rude everyone. Of course we have squinty eyes. I don't why, but we just do. So don't criticize us  and laugh at us. We can't help our genetics that our parents give us.

Stereotype Number 2

All Asians are smart

The only reason we're really smart is because our parents make us study and work hard. Usually if you work hard and put effort into it you get a good education, a good job, and possibly get very rich. Asian parents are strict, but sweet. They love you and they just want you to make the best and be smart.

Stereotype Number 3

All Asians love rice

Not all Asians. Well, it depends on what kind of family you live in. Most Asians love rice and have it in every meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and possibly as a snack. Yes Asians love their rice, but not all. Like me, I don't like rice that much. That's probably because I live different than most Asians and we don't eat rice as much as Asians.

Stereotype Number 4

Asians are yellow

Okay, we are not YELLOW! Possibly our SKIN TONE is considered yellow, but we are not yellow. The Simpsons are yellow, Asians aren't yellow. We are though considered golden. It depends on what kind of skin tone you have.

Stereotype Number 5

Asians have NO fashion sense

I am awesome at fashion. How dare you call us Asians people who have NO fashion sense. I kind of think though that some of our fashions are a little, er, well, ugly. I know I'm going against my own kind, but yeah. This stereotype also depends on WHERE you SHOP. A lot of Asian clothes are cute, just not the traditional clothes sometimes.

Stereotype Number 6

All Asians look alike

We do look alike but only because we have the same hair color, eye color, and probably same skin tone. When you actually pay attention you can see the difference. The only look alike hard to tell apart is to tell what kind of Asian you are. Japanese, Korean, Chinese. I've tried, it's really hard.

Stereotype Number 7

Asians are bad drivers

So not true. Of course I've never driven an actual car, but some of my friends are Asians and are awesome drivers. BTW, anyone is a bad driver if they come from a different country. Asia and America have different rules for the rode. If you're new to Asia you'd probably be considered a very bad driver.

Stereotype Number 8

Asians are racist

Okay, slow your role there. EVERYONE is at least a LITTLE racist. Not everyone is perfect, but blaming us Asians. So not cool guys, so not cool.

Stereotype Number 9

Asians are good with technology

I have to admit we are good at technology; but most technology is from Asia. Such as Sony or Samsung, good techno

logy companies. So yeah, Asians are good with technology, but not all of us are good with it. So don't expect us to be fixing anything that has to do with technology  that's broken.

Stereotype Number 10

Asians are nerdy

Yes Asians are nerdy. What's wrong  with that? If you're successful, your nerdy. Asians are proud to be nerds. Well, at least I am. So don't mock us if you see an Asian wearing glasses and has a book on smart things. We are proud to be smart!

OK everyone! Thanks so much for reading this tackk about Asian stereotypes. If you've heard one of these now you know the truth behind them. Also, if you've heard other asian stereotypes feel free to ask if they're actually true down below in the comments and I'll try to answer them best possible!