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This is a display of my digital footprint and learning through the 5+1 Techie Skills class!

ISTE Standards Reflection:
**This class really helped me to remember that I need to model more of these tools in my classroom for my teachers and my students.  Involving them in real-world experiences engage them more and help them to try the tools that they already or will use outside of school as well as inside school.  
**Being able to model these tools will help me teach digital citizenship without just using videos and work for them to see how they should act, but rather "REAL" examples of how they should act online.  
**Finally, I think I really need to continue to work in professional growth and leadership with my staff at this point.  I know that they see what we are working on in class and they talk about how that would be nice to use, but I want to grow in my ability to share with them. I want them to feel even more comfortable coming in to ask for help or ideas on how they can use it in their classroom rather than just gaining curriculum knowledge from them and doing the project in the technology classroom.


These tools I have used in the past, but it was a great reminder that I could share more information through these avenues rather than just for myself.  I also have been using Diigo more now after this refresher to organize my own sites instead of sending myself websites and storing them in folders on my computer.  


Above were three of the ways that I have done collaboration using some of the tools that we discussed in class.  
**I have used Padlet for quite a few years, but getting back to it brought some ideas forth that I might use at the beginning of the school year again.  It has been in my toolbox, but not used much lately for class things.  
**I have been actively using Google for quite a while and use it with my students and staff to share documents and work together.  My students use it daily for work they are doing, so I feel good about how we've done in teaching it.  I know that I need to work more with my staff in getting them more comfortable using it.
**I was also excited to get some time to actually use Symbaloo for a purpose.  I have taken my student websites from my classroom computers and turned it into this online format.  I think it is a more user-friendly version and my students will love it.  This is an excellent way for me to share resources in a quick way!


I don't do a lot of assessments in my classroom, but I have loved them for pre-testing my DSPA information and surveys.  I love that they're quick and easy to make and it's so much faster to analyze or view the results.  I generally use more Google Forms in my classroom, but I'm going to start using Socrative more too in order to keep the novelty.


This Prezi is actually a collaborative work with another techie who started the work, but we've worked collaboratively on it since the beginning!

Follow this link to see some examples of a collaborative presentation tool that was used for 6th graders explaining their famous person of the Civil War Era.  Each group was made up of 3 students (one in each class) who never had "face time" to work together.


Let's just say, you have inspired me.  I have done some blogs and had a twitter account a long time ago, but just felt it was just too busy.  But, with that said, I am excited to say that I am back in it.  I have found 12 people to follow on twitter and have opened my first feedly account.  Now, instead of getting emails every day from the blogs I follow, I can get the snapshots in one place and not always feel behind.  I am one that cannot just leave an email unread, so you will have saved me TONS of time but yet I'll still get edtech information that will help me in my job.  My next goal will be to come up with more ways to share what I gather to first my staff and then hopefully to the world.  I always thought you needed to be this eloquent writer to be able to do a blog, so one goal I have this summer is to start a simple one that I just post to occasionally.  We'll see how that goes.


I can see this working so well with the older grade levels, but with many of my elementary classes, I could see the work not getting complete.  I do feel that I could implement pieces of a Flipped Classroom into my classroom through videos or readings that they are required to read before they come or at the beginning of class.  I also have used screencasting when I am to be gone from class and am anticipating questions on certain topics that a guest teacher probably wouldn't be able to answer.  I think this is a great concept and would love to see pieces included into all of our classroom especially those that do centers in their classroom.  The video is an example that I have used with my 6th graders this month.  


Thank you for the refresher on tools that I've used and still use, but sometimes forget are out there for my students and teachers!  I have been inspired to do some blogging and tweeting in order to become a better teacher and especially a better facilitator for my teachers.

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