tessa and dana were dancing in a ball room as dana was admiring tessas ball gown it had a lace top and a poofed out bottom as they danced to their favorite song tessa was thinking if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him she dreamed of a big house in the country with a big backyard and a dog that can run free and not run away she dreamed of having two kids a boy then a girl dana didnt have a big dream because he was poor and didnt care if he had anything all he wanted was to be with tessa and a few years later tessa got pregnant  a few months later it was christmas and tessa got dana a alot of thing but then later after that they got in a fight he got drunk and drove to the store then crashed and died  there were other people in the car to but he was the driver and died but the only one who was wearing a seat belt  tessa was devastated even though they  were poor she still had enough to take care of her beautiful daughter when her daughter was growing up tessa dated still but a few years after danas death tessa told her daught that she was never going to get married because the only person she wanted to marry was dana they were engaged and were getting married soon then she got pregnant and soon after that he was dead so whenever the daughter goes to her grandmas she walks to the cemetery and says hello to her unseen father on his birthday and the day he died also fathers day her and her mother tessa take flowers up there and say hello and blow him a kiss goodbye and the daughters name was karli dana lynn russell