Judith Rosales

College Project #ACESL6


1. Letter of Intent

2. Embedded Video with Link to Official Website

3. College Application:

4. Letter of Recommendation

5. Presentation / Presi

6. FAFSA Form (Paper Copy)

Letter of intent.
Hi, my name is Judith Rosales, and I want to attend to your college because:

First reason: I want to attend to your college In Los Angeles because I see a pictures of your college and I think it is awesome.
Second reason: Your college have a lot of Majors and careers, your admission requirements are so easy, your tuition cost is not too much.
Third reason: I want to know or learn more about design because that is so interesting for me.
I think the campus life is so awesome because you have a lot of activities and I think I can spend my time there doing your activities, the housing and the rooms are so cool.
A lot of parents said that their daughters and sons have a lot of fun there and I think that can be good for me.