Wonderful, Walkable Boston

I had never been to Boston, but I had my chance recently.  I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the historical sites I was interested in and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFAB) were within walking distance of my hotel in the North End.  After a day of walking, I took a cab back to my hotel.  

On the Freedom Trail, I especially like the Massachusetts State House and Boston Common.  Since the legislators were not in session, I was able to see both the House of Representatives and Senate Chambers. 

If given another opportunity, I would return to Boston just to see the MFAB for a third time.  Every painting and artifact has its place; the collection is so good I couldn't believe it.  Perfect choices and just the right number of objects.  I would highly recommend the John Singer Sargent works.

I remember I was walking, almost running, from one wing to another along a long corridor when I stopped suddenly because of the beautiful display of Iranian pottery in the corridor.  I have never done that before anywhere, even at the Louvre!