How to decorate a house for the new year?

New year 2015

Upcoming New 2015 is under the magical influence of the blue Wooden goats. For the next year was the most successful, you should take care of quality preparation for the upcoming celebration.

However, this does not mean that the holiday is limited to the qualitative design of the new year table. Besides the preparation of various delicious dishes, special attention should be paid to the original approach to home decoration. Suggest you do something with your hands. For example, it can be handmade crafts.
In the New year 2015 crafts can be made from various materials that you will only find at home. For example, it can be pieces of different fabrics, sewing threads, and pieces of paper or cardboard, various materials of natural origin. This is a great reason to have a great time with the whole family, and at the same time make a wonderful toy, which you can decorate not only the Christmas tree, but the whole house.
An indispensable attribute of the New year 2015 is the use of different natural materials to create original articles for the home. It can be pine cones, small branches from trees, and lots of sticks and twigs, thanks to which you can turn your humble home into a real Christmas story.
Do not forget that you surely have some interesting decorations since last New year. And since, as the mascot of last year, the Goat belongs to the element of wood, and the color remained the same, then you can use adornments and in this new 2015.
For example, take the popular balls-webs, which can be produced at least every year, because their production does not take much time and materials are always available in the house.
In order to do this you need:
the bundles of filaments;
PVA glue;
stationery scissors;
any type grease vegetable oil or a fatty cream.
For a beautiful decoration balls we need different jewelry: all kinds of beads, ribbons and rhinestones.
Start manufacturing
The first step is to fill our air balloon to the desired size. These balls, we will continue to post on a Christmas tree, so it is advisable that they were about the same size.
Next, pre-cooked fat is necessary to carefully handle the external surface of the ball. This is necessary to ensure that in future threads don't stick to its surface, and freely separated.
The very thread you should pre-soak in the glue solution. There are several ideas about this. The idea of the first adhesive is poured in a little jar, and is soaking threads directly into her for several minutes. To simplify the process of adhesive must be diluted with water.
Idea number two is in a plastic egg from chocolate treats, you need to drill two opposite holes. Inside plastic eggs should be poured glue and, having passed through the hole thread, neat and pull it out, slowly rolling ball.
Instead of eggs, you can use any small plastic container. Thread passing through it, will in any case absorbs the glue.
And the idea number three is to wind the string on the ball, treated with a solution of glue. After the thread is sufficiently saturated, the ball must be carefully wiped with a special sponge or cloth.
Only now the end of our line must be attached to the ball. Next you need to wind the thread chaotic movements, but at the same time, try to do it evenly. Each new turn should be in the opposite direction to the previous one. Speed should be as large as possible, so that the ball was in the form, and was quite beautiful.
When you finish your last turn, the end of the thread should be fixed with a special knot. Further, our ball must be dry. That glue is completely dry, you need to wait a couple of days. The ball should be put in some warm place, but this should not be a heater. The ball must be allowed to dry in a natural way.
After two days, take our ball and gently sharp with needles pressurized shell. When the balloon will deflate, and carefully pull it out of the crafts.
That's all, the balloon was ready. Now can you arrange, for example, to paste the original ribbon and hang on the rope of linen, as in the photo. You can, immediately after wound filaments, sprinkle the whole ball of shiny rhinestones, and your ball will look like a Faberge egg.
Crafts from felt
Today, original crafts made of felt, are among the most popular Christmas decorations made by yourself. They will look great as a Christmas tree, and on the Windows or walls of your home.
You can make whatever comes to your mind: different snowmen, colorful hearts, stars, Christmas trees or the symbol of the New year 2015 - the Blue Goat.
In order to make Christmas decorations out of felt, it is necessary to find specific templates. Next you need to buy the felt, preferably colored.
Try to choose natural and soft color, as a symbol of the New year, is smooth and refined. Very interesting, will look crafts made from red and yellow felt. And, of course, Christmas trees should be run from the green felt.
Next, you should prepare thread floss vivid colors, with which you will bind the two elements of your Christmas decorations. Such jewelry will perfectly fit into the new year the interior of your home. In the photo you can see how they look.
Some more options
Another Christmas idea is the presence of bells and bells, for example, above the entrance door. It is very important in anticipation of the year of the Blue Goats.
Very good and simple in execution of the idea is decorating the Windows. Just draw gouache whatever you want. Do not be afraid, gouache washes off easily.
Will petrusite spruce twigs, pre-coated with adhesive, foam crumbs, and place such bundles in all rooms. This will add a festive mood.
Decorating the house, remember to make as many blue and green because these colors are in 2015 as the mother.
New 2015 is primarily a family holiday, so the best option will be a relaxing family holiday in a circle of close friends, after all, only the relatives and people you can turn a cold winter night in this Christmas tale!

Your, Sofi-Swift!

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