Persuasive Essay

By:Derrick Assad

       The world needs good people due to the fact that if not it can lead to very dangerous people or situations, such as terriosts.

       Good people inherit themselves with all positive thoughts in everything they do and on how they plan to do it. That they want to do everything right and always in manner and never against the rules. In fact these people are about never commiting any offense towards the law that they will obey every rule in the book. They wil prove to the community that they are willing to be trusted and will never commit any murder or extracurricular activites.

       They also fall under the category that even to meet new people it will be alot easier to get along with them knowing they will be good people and never have any problems towards there self. Including just every day life you will surely know that you will be safe and that you will be protected.

       And yet there are those who tend to disagree with this statement, that the world needs good people. An occasion that can obtain this would be terriosts (ISIS) that are all bad by what they do and on how they plan to do stuff. But i believe that we do need good people in our world to help build a good world that will be peaceful, and will never bring any trouble that  will get all our attention and make or put the would on fear.

       Yes the world needs good people unfortuantely there will always be those bad people that will never stop on trying to humiliate the world. The society should take a stand and protest the fact that this shall become true in every manner in the world.

Letter of Recomendation

To whom it may concern:

I've Known David for just about two years now by playing football with him and attending school. He has been a real good friend to me for just the 2 years i have known him for. I qualified to write a refrence letter to reccomend David for El Paso Electric due to the fact that in just 2 years he has proven that he is a very hard worker.

During his tenure with the Border Patrol, David was responsible for managing and supervising all his employers. All these employers were responsible for keeping watch at border, searching trains, and supervising the border. David effectively managed the electrical currents and all the causes with electrical around the company.

David is very willing to offer his assistence to El Paso Electric with his electrical expierence. He has been on top of everything that he has been offered to do or everything that he had been scheduled.

                   Yours truly,

                   Derrick Assad

Letter of Intent

Assad, Derrick

12345 Tierra Caliente

El Paso TX, 79936

May 18, 2015

David Varela, El Paso Electric

Electrical Engineer

4219 Saul Kleinfeld

El Paso TX, 79936

Dear David Varela,

I have lots of abilities to offer to the company of El Paso Electric. And as i speak these abilities are going towards hopefully being a 1st class lineman. But lets get to my abilities that i have to offer. I offer the ability to climb poles at a very high pace. And also i offer the ability to owrk with electrical currents.

My target goals attending this company would be to become a 1st class lineman and to hopefully be the best lineman that the campany has to offer. I think that i have the abilities to offer to get into this company and offer it the best of my qualities.


         Derrick Assad


Derrick Assad


12345 Tierra Canal

Objective: My goal is to be the best lineman that i can hopefully be for El Paso Electric.


Elementary- Lujan Chavez 1-5

Middle- Sun Ridge Middle 6-8

High School- El Dorado 9th Grade Academy.

Recieved A or Ab Honor Roll Every grade.


Yard Work - Cutting Grass -6/10/13

Pole ClimbingSchool- 7/23/14- 8/24/14


Climbing Poles

Fixing electrical lines or currents

useful skills in electrical category.

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"I offer the ability to climb poles at a very high pace." lol