The Unknown Soldier by The Doors (1968)


-sound of music is kind of cheerful,

- tone of voice sounds rather bitter, sad, suffering…

-so mixed it is ironic

The figurative language being used in this song are helmets and bullet from the 30th line “Bullet strikes the helmets head”. This gives the audience a chance to picture a soldier that is undergoing fire and that he continues on.


In the middle of the song it had rhythm and repeated words like Hut and the Unknown Soldier. And at the end it goes back to repeating words and phrases like All over.


This song has to do with an unknown soldier giving his life to support his country and the war that they are apart of. No one knows that the life is over for this unknown soldier but eventually the war is over and the country can get back to normal because of the actions of the unknown soldier.


In the beginning & middle of the song, the mysterious sounds of the organ is heard, referring to the mystery of the "Unknown Soldier". In the middle of the song, the Doors produce the sounds of what appears to be a marching cadence.

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