Canterbury Tales Project

Chad is a lazy, short, neat and orderly Personal Trainer. He is known for speaking in #hashtags, and being able to quote any movie with Melissa McCarthy. On the next season of The Real World, there will be a new faces added to spark up the show. Starting with the new 22 year old, Chad. Chad was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Chad likes long walks on the beach, swimming with dolphins, and meeting hot babes. Chad is currently a personal trainer for Golds Gym. Growing up, Chad was not always the most popular kid in school. Chad: “When I was growing up I was always #NotThatCool. I always got thrown into lockers and bullied which made me want to #expand my profession into being a #personaltrainer. Because of my #shortness it only made things worse.” Chad likes to do the bare minimum as soon as he leaves the gym. Chad: “My personal hobbies are me enjoying #going to the gym, #sleeping, and #beingsexy.” We asked Chad what he thinks the new characters will think about him being in the house this year. Chad: “People may think I am this #short #buff dude, but nobody in this house knows what is coming as soon as I get there. I was chosen for this show for a reason and it isn't because of just my #looks. I really hope they know as soon as I get there though that I like to be #catered to sometimes and If I ask for someone to get me something, I expect them to do it.” We asked Chad what his specialties are and what his favorite personal traits are about himself and his response was “Besides being able to bench #450pounds and rep it #12 times, I have seen almost every Melissa McCarthy movie over 100 times I could practically quote #anyscene.” Although Chad is lazy and hate to do somethings himself, when it comes to being neat, homeboy is #onpoint. Chad has his whole house entirely organized and sorted so nothing is out of place. Chad: “I #literally separate my socks, clothes, and underwear by color. I don't have time to be #searching around my house for the right pair, everything needs to be in its #place.” According to Chad, he has no problems finding “#Finebabes”. He even said, “Even with being 5’2, my height hasn’t stopped me from getting ahold of fine honey’s. #Dedicated.” We asked Chad what is his most successful and used pickup line, “I want to be #up-front and say that I #visually enjoy you.” Chad says he hates controversy but if it comes to him, he won’t mind ending it. Chad: “I don't work out for nothing, I have to be the best and if someone crosses me, Ill #dropem.” Chad is only one of the new characters out of the other 8 that will be attending The Real World. There will be tons of drama, partying, and fighting in this new house. Don’t miss this new season on The Real World when it kicks-off June 16th at 7:00pm Eastern Time on MTV. And as Chad says, Hashtag #DontMissIt.

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