Job description

A person who sells and arranges. someone who arranges flowers and other plant elements into a pleasing design. Also give customers instructions on how to care for flowers, including the ideal temperature and how often the water should be changed. For cut flowers, floral designers will often provide flower food to the customer.

Job salary

The hourly wage for a florist is $11.83 and the annual wage is $26,810.

Education needed

Usually they enroll in a community college or vocational school. They are also trained on the job.

Tools used in the job

They will need waterproof tape, waterproof clay, hot glue gun and sticks, floral stem tape, anchor pins, floral wire, floral foam and plastic foam

Hours required

usually florist have a 40-hour work week and sometimes they work after hours to finish the job.






Skills necessary

will need the ability to explain your ideas to customers. will also need a helpful and pleasant manner. use their creativity and knowledge of plants and flowers to design and assemble flower arrangements.

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