Persuasive Writing

You! Yes! You! are your chores hard well then this is the speech for you . chores can be hard gross evan painful ! I have to to clean the bathroom THAT INCLUDES THE TOILET do my laundry vacuum and take out the trash i hate it. I NEED EASER CHORES!! If people have chores like mine they can get can get sick. For example what if they spread their disease. And stay home from school. And fall behind in their education and YOU MIGHT GET SICK!! Also kids can get hurt for example if a kid gets hurt .They will not be able to help out around the house . If they hurt a leg they will not be able to walk . If they hurt a arm they will not be able to wright . And that my friends is why I and people with chores like me Well we NEED EaSiER CHORES !!!! parents are your kids chores hard well then i hope you were listing kids same with you well by by :>)