By: Dalia Gibson and Riley Vines


The angelfish has a diet of flake, frozen, and freeze-dried. Their maxim size is six inches long. The water temperature has to be between 76-86 degrees fahrenheit. Tank set up has to be 29 gallons or more.

Spotted African Leaf Fish

The diet is frozen, and freeze diet. The maxim size is six inches. Their water temperature is between 72-82 degrees fahrenheit. The tank set up has to be at least 29 gallons or more.


We are going to need 10 bags of gravel. The thickness is 2 inches . The volume is 384 inches.

tank decorations

We used the corkscrew. It cost 1.50 per plant.

We also used the blue meduim plant. It cost 15.00 per plant.

We also used the rock cave. It cost 35.00 per decoration.

We also used the tall drift. Which cost 40.00 per decoration.


fish Equation

(9.00 + 9.00) + (5.00 + 5.00) = 28.00

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