Civil War Journals

By Orville Mott

Journal Entry 1:

Who Am I?

My name is Orville Mott. I am a 16 year old boy from the state of Missouri. A few years ago I was living with my mother and father trying to afford an evening meal. Now I'm fighting for the Union in the bloodiest war in history. I serve this army as a lieutenant. I serve the Union because I believe that the South's secession was wrong and that America needs to be a whole

Journal Entry 2:

Orville Mott: You’re a hard case mkay but I think you’re a little played out.

Thomas Smith: Thanks but I’m fit as a fiddle.

Orville Mott: Boy you’re whipped is what you are. We need as many men as we can get and we don’t need to lose one because he has too much confidence in himself.

Thomas Smith: Sir I'm a chief cook, I can do it.

Orville Mott: Those graybacks are gettin’ closer. Ya best run.

Thomas Smith: No sir, I must be toeing the mark.

Orville Mott: Alright let’s skedaddle.

Thomas Smith: Possum look out! Them hornets be gettin’ close!

Orville Mott: S’alright I best be seein’ a bonesaw anyways.

Journal Entry #3

April 19th, 1863. I'm barely surviving this war. It's not the war itself but instead it is the camps. As a lieutenant our camps our fairly nice, but sometimes disease will start to spread. I've heard of other places up north where the conditions are awful. Dozens of soldiers are doomed to die because of the lack of food and shelter. I'm forced to teach my troops discipline. Reason being they keep trying to leave camp. I don't blame them. Many of us came to fight and/or die a hero. Instead we're being killed by our own team.

Be home soon,

             Orville Mott (Lieutenant for the Union Army)

Bright Colors
What you'd see in the morning.

This rooster is the sign of a new day.

Journal Entry #4

Interview Question #1

Jeremiah, when you chose to STAY HOME AND CARE FOR YOUR MOTHER,
what caused you to make that choice? I made the choice because my mother was dying. I knew either way she'd die but at least I got to spend her last days with her.

Interview Question #2

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about? After my mother died, I was very proud of joining the Union Army and fighting Lee's troops.

Interview Question #3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different? I wish my brother hadn't died. He was so young when he died and he was fighting for something so wrong that it made his death seem worthless.

Interview Question #4

Jeremiah, how did your regiment react to stumbling upon runaway slaves. Even though you were fighting for the Union, did you act any different from when you housed them before you joined the army?

Photo Prompt #3 Something You'd See.

Journal Entry #5

Here in the civil wawe see lots of rifles and guns, union gonna win because we got everything, them rebels think they can just secede, but we'll teach them a lesson.

Journal Entry #6

Dear Ma,

Our life on the camp is terrible. We eat worms and drink mud. It can't get any worse than this. The battles are fine. We are starting to turn this war around and i'm coming out of battles fine. I'll be home in no time! The conditions are horrible! We live in huts made of branches and twigs and we sleep on rocks. So many diseases are spreading around camp. Dozens of my fellow soldiers have died from malaria and other diseases.

Journal Entry 7:

There was a guy who had malaria and died. There was another guy who died of several diseases. One made him die slower, and another made it more painful. So far I haven't gotten sick, but knock on wood, because I might get something soon.

Journal Entry #8

I cannot wait to get home! The wars almost over and I'm doing fine! When I get home, I'm going  ride a horse. Not war horse but a big brown horse from the barn!

Photo Promt #4 Home

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