Arabian Peninsula Survival Tips

        Living in the Arabian Peninsula can be tough sometimes, but if you know some survival tips, then you can easily make it through.



          This part of the Arabian Peninsula is probably one of the toughest to live in, in my opinion. Of course, not many people would really want to live in the desert, but you never know.

Tip #1: Wear loose fitting clothes and headdresses

Explain: Loose fitting clothes and headdresses can help you live in the desert because they protect from the heat of the desert, the dust, and the flies.

Tip #2: Camels for Transportation

Explain: Using camels for transportation is useful because these animals don't require a lot of water like other animals. They can also help carry some of your supplies.

Tip #3: Herding of goats, sheep, and camels

Explain: The animals provided them with things that they need.


Tip #4: Used Palm Trees for Various Uses

Explain: They used the wood of the palm trees to build homes. They also were able to use part of the trees to fuel fires.

Tip #5: Dug Wells

Explain: They did this so that they were able to obtain more water.

The Coastal Plain

Tip #6: Wells, Dams, and Systems

Explain: All of these things were to help irrigate the land.

Tip #7: Farming of Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Trees

Explain: The fragrant from the tree sap was used to make frankincense, which they used as incense, perfumes, and medicine.

The Mountains

Tip #8: Terrace farming

Explain: This type of farming was used to enlarge pace usable for farming. It also help conserve water by keeping it from running off the fields.

Tip #9: Dams and Irrigation Systems (again)

Explain: They stored all the extra rainwater in underground storage containers, some leather bags, and hollowed-out trees.

Tip #10: Used Ashes and Manure

Explain: It was quite simple actually, they used the ashes and manure to help fertilize the soil, which helped with the crops.