Why Allan Pinkerton (Beard) is the Most Awesome Person/Thing in the Civil War.

Half of this is bull.

Allan Pinkerton is easily the coolest man in the Civil War  because of his amazing contribution to spying, collecting information, served as head of the Union Intelligence Service, and even protected The President of The United States, but his most amazing feat of all is his luscious beard.  (I mean just look at that thing!  It's fantastic.)

Pinkerton (far left... but not that bum in the background.) and his majestic beard stand with President Lincoln.  When two beards cross the larger beard has the right of way.  In this photo the two largest beards in the camp had commuted to salute Lincolns damn fine neck beard.   Large beards apparently show authority,  this allowed Pinkerton to be a sheriff and investigator before and after the war.  Giving Pinkerton the ability to create an investigation which is still running to this day (Pinkerton Detective Agency).

Pinkerton found himself behind enemy lines spying on the confederates on several occasions,  with a beard to help him blend in with the bushes he was an excellent spy.  Sadly after the war Pinkerton had remained an investigator  but his amazing mustache had departed and forever rested.  However his beard remained long and beloved by many.

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