Ways to make it through middle school

1. Make new friends 2. ask for help 3. always do well on tests 4. trust the teachers that are trying to help you 5. treat others on how you want to be treated 6. study for tests and do your best on work at school. 7. always ask questions.

Questions kids might have a first.

How do i get my locker open? Am i gonna make new friends? What are we having for lunch? Can you help me with this? Will others care for me? Will i get bullied by bigger kids? Do other kids like me? Can you be my friend? What are the rules for school? What happens if i don't study for a test? What happens if i sleep in class? What if i don't do any homework that i get assigned to? Where are the restrooms at? What happens if my phone rings during class? What happens if i get into a fight? What happens if my computer breaks? Do i have to pay for lunch? Where is the nurses office at? How do i get to my classes?  

Rules that might help during middle school.

Don't run in the hallways. Don't talk when the teacher is talking. Don't steal. Don't bring any weapons that might scare or threat others. Don't treat kids or teachers with disrespect. Always get your work done so you can avoid homework. Try your best on everything. Have a great time.