Lord Capulet Blog 4, Act IV

My sweet, lovely daughter Juliet. She was such in grief about her fair cousin's death. I planned her wedding with Paris to cheer her up, but how dare she. How dare... She refuses my love and good will? My fury was unstoppable - I told thee to leave the household and die on streets. Poor Juliet, she hath a terrible father.

O, my sweet love. O, my sweet daughter... It is all because of me. Her death, so young. Now her heart stops its moves, her soul is up high with the stars and angles, but her beauty and sweetness still remains in my heart. I am a terrible, terrible father. O, Juliet. My dearest child, rest in peace. Lie beside thy cousin. Close thy beautiful eyes. O, daughter. Forgive my sin. Lighten the night sky beside the stars.

I am sorry Paris. I am sorry my lady... This is all because of me.

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2 years ago

"Skylar Cho, Paris" - Her cheeks and lips still looks red and vivid. Alas, poor Juliet, why did the heaven wanted you so early? Oh poor Juliet, I would give up everything if I can see your beautiful eyes again. God, have mercy upon her, and don’t let her shed tears ever again up in the heaven. Curse on you Capulet, you should have cared more for your daughter… Let her death break your heart apart.