University of Vienna

This representative of the educational pattern of the old Europe is placed in the commonwealth with one of the most profound culture, in Austria. The university premises are stationed in the heart of the Vienna. Its premises fit architectural ensemble of the town and dazzle passersby by its courtliness and beauty.

This university was called to existence in the downhill of the fourteenth century. This is one of the ancient European universities.

Today nearly one hundred people are studying there. That fact makes this university the biggest one among German-speaking educational institutes. The university has sixty educational edifices which are scattered around the Vienna.

This university tenders to its applicants more than one hundred and thirty educational programs. These programs include more than one thousand lecture courses for domestic and foreign students. It has more than three hundreds partners in the exchange programs and gives its students an occasion for cultural exchange

High rank of this university is verified by the deed that among students there is its unofficial name, which translates from Germany as “the main university”.

Today the university has eighteen different faculties. Student could choose from huge set of specialties as Biology, Geography, Math, Psychology etc. there are even Catholic and Protestant faculties in university.

This university proposes to its enrollees more than fifty bachelor programs. There are also more than fivescore master and eleven PhD programs. Diplomas of this university are international and this means that its graduates could find the job around the world. Thanks to the enduring history of the university; it earned high reputation in educational world and among domestic and foreign employers. Its graduates are highly appreciated among the employers.

This university invested huge contribution in the elaboration of the Austrian economic. This university is called as “the cradle of the Austrian economic school”. There are lots of eminent economists which were the students or professors of this university. Among them there are lots of Nobelists. In respect to that fact, this university is the most favorable for those, who want to plant themselves economic geniuses.

This university is the partaker of international and European university organizations. This indicates that it stays in step with “educational trends” and tightly collaborates with other universities.

Studying there is an excellent possibility to immerse into the ambiance of the ancient stiff Europe.

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