Phosphorus can be found in the 5th group, and 3rd period on the periodic table.

Basic Information

Atomic Symbol: P

Melting Point: 44.15 degrees Celsius (111.47 degrees Fahrenheit)

Boiling Point: 280.5 degrees Celsius (536.9 degrees Fahrenheit)

Atomic Number:15

Mass Number: 30.974

# of Protons: 15

# of Neutrons: 15.974

# of Electrons:15

Density: 1.82g/cm^3

Net Charge: Neutral (but -3)


Phosphorus is used in our everyday lives. For example, Phosphorus is used in fertilizers for plants and crop. Phosphorus is also used in the following.

  • Incendiary devices
  • Match strikers
  • Production of steel
  • Fine china
  • Detergents
  • Special Glass
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Tracer Bullets
  • Phosphates in bones,nervous tissue


Phosphorus was discovered in 1669. It was discovered by a man named, Henning Brand. The element was named 'Phosphorus', after the Greek phrase, "Bringer of light"

Physical Properties

  • White
  • Waxy solid
  • Colorless
  • Powdery


  • Takes fire in presence of air
  • Reacts vigorously with Halogens to form Trihilidads

Fun Facts

  • Cant be found freely in nature
  • when exposed to sunlight, WHITE phosphorus changes to RED phosphorus
  • Catches fir in air (white)
  • Discovered by Henning Brand by extracting buckets of urine!

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