Bruh, it's China

There are three major dynasties that will be covered. They are; the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties.

The Sui dynasty was one that stopped the disunion of China. Much like the Warring State Period, there were many dynasties claiming to have the mandate of Heaven. Through all of the chaos, Wendi took over and became emperor. Though both of the rulers in the dynasty were cruel, they accomplished many things, and paved the way for the Tang and Song dynasty. The Sui dynasty was short lived, lasting from 589 to 618 A.D. Click here for more about the Sui dynasty, if you think you're up to it.

The Tang dynasty was a prosperous one, and ruled China from 618 to 907 A.D. (almost 300 years). Built on the legs Sui dynasty, the Tang dynasty continued with a strong government and set up a capital in both Chang'an and Louyang. They also expanded the civil service and China's influence across Asia. The dynasty reached its peak under the reign of Taizong from 626 to 649 A.D.  Don't like what I had to say? That's okay! Click here for the Tang dynasty.

The Song dynasty and the Tang dynasty are alike in the sense that they were both time of prosperity and riches. The Song, much the Tang, also ruled for about 300 years, until 1279. They established their capital at Kaifeng and created a written exam to make it more difficult to become a government official. Love history and want to be an omniscient being? Don't click here for the Song dynasty. Click here instead.

If you're bad at reading, don't worry! Here's a video that ties everything up.  

One of the many works of art created during the Song dynasty

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