Robert E. Lee

Scott Klein 12/18/2013

This story is about Robert E. Lee's childhood, accomplishments,why he's famous, and some other facts. readfor more info Childhood

Robert was born on January 19 in 1807. He had six brothers and sisters. When he was six years old he never saw his father Henry again. His mom taught him money management. When his brothers left he was the only son.


Later on October 2 he became president of Washington College. Earlier cause of his outstanding grades Robert was assigned to a U.S. army. He graduated from an academy with high honers.

Why he's famos.

After the civil war he was the symbol of courage and peace. He's leader to American South. Being leader for a confederate state.

other interesting facts.

He worked at the college until his death on October 2. Lee fought for the confederacy with loyalty to Virginia. Lee's family was a leading family to Virginia.

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